Science: Erina Oshima

Graduated from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo and was employed by a private food analysis institution. Was in charge of in-house media operations, which is a rarity in science-oriented companies, and achieved one million page views monthly. Has been working at BAKE since 2016. As product improvement coordinator, analyzes confectionery-making scientifically and creates improvement approaches. Chief editor of "OPENLAB Review".




OPENLABのウェブメディア"OPENLAB Review"編集長。

Pastry chefs: Kinotoya Product Development Department

Engaged in product development and improvement in conjunction with Kinotoya, an affiliate of BAKE. Using techniques cultivated over thirty years in Hokkaido for making beloved confectionery, they aim to add new value to confectionery by fusing these techniques with BAKE’s new sensibility.


BAKEのグループ会社であるきのとやと共同で商品開発/改善を行う。札幌で30年間培った、愛されるお菓子作りの技術を活かし、 BAKEの新しい感性と融合することでお菓子への新しい価値作りを目指す。


Dr. Shinichi Ishikawa
Associate Professor, Food Industry Faculty, Miyagi University

Born 1973, Fukushima Prefecture. Completed studies in agricultural research at the Tohoku University Graduate School of Agricultural Science. Formerly Special Researcher at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Assistant Professor and Lecturer at Kitasato University, and Guest Researcher at the University of Guelph, Canada (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Special Overseas Researcher); currently Associate Professor at the Tohoku University Graduate School of Agricultural Science. Ph.D. (Agriculture). Specially Appointed Researcher at the Cookpad Future of Food Laboratory. Specializes in molecular food, molecular gastronomy, and molecular nutrition. Principal research theme is research related to the functionality of chicken eggs. Publications include We Can Do It! Aristology for Living Through Major Earthquakes (Shufunotomosha), The Delicious Meeting of Cooking and Science: Molecular Gastronomy Will Change Common Sense About Food (Kagakudojin), Just-In-Case Food: Eating Normal Meals Even During a Disaster (Seiryu Shuppan), and others. Provides information relating to molecular gastronomy on his website Molecular Cooking and Molecular Gastronomy Laboratory.

宮城大学 食産業学部 准教授

1973年福島県出身。東北大学大学院農学研究科修了。日本学術振興会特別研究員、北里大学助手・講師、カナダ・ゲルフ大学客員研究員 (日本学術振興会海外特別研究員)などを経て、現在、宮城大学食産業学部准教授。博士(農学)。「クックパッド食みらい研究所」特任研究員。 専門は分子食品学、分子調理学、分子栄養学。主な研究テーマは、鶏卵の機能性に関する研究。著書に、「必ず来る! 大震災を生き抜くための食事学」 (主婦の友社)、「料理と科学のおいしい出会い 分子調理が食の常識を変える」(化学同人)、「『もしも』に備える食 災害時でも、いつもの食事を」 (清流出版)などがある。「分子料理・分子調理ラボ」というウェブサイトで分子調理に関する情報を提供している。


SONY Life Space UX

Life Space UX is a new concept for creating new experiences in existing spaces. Life Space UK is sympathetic to BAKE’s mission of “giving confectionery new value” and holds “idea-thons” jointly with BAKE. Together, we continue to consider and practice giving new value to “places” with confectionery and technology.

SONY Life Space UX

今ある空間をそのままに、新たな体験を生み出す、新コンセプト「Life Space UX」。 BAKEの「お菓子に新しい価値を」というミッションに共感していただき、共同でアイデアソンを運営。 お菓子とテクノロジーで「場」に新しい価値を提供することを共に考え、実践していきます